Cosmetic Application

Whatever the occasion, cosmetics play an important part of the total look. Lori will help you through hands-on instruction of makeup application for professional image, special occasions, public speaking, or camera appearances. She does not just “whip a face on you”; she will guide and instruct you on how to apply the makeup yourself. Her color suggestions are based on your individual skin tone, eye color, hair color and personal preferences. Lori is trained and can teach you how to accentuate your best features and hide flaws. She is also available to apply your makeup for you at all your special occasions.

Makeup in Minutes

Makeup is the most versatile fashion accessory you will ever own. It’s also the quickest way to change your look. Can’t spend hours on your makeup? All it takes is the right combination of colors and a few simple techniques. You can go from morning to night in minutes. You will see how cosmetics can give you the look to suit your lifestyle.

Makeup and Wardrobe for Camera Appearance

Need a press release photo? Doing an on-camera interview or presentation? Wardrobe and makeup are an important part of a positive appearance for camera. Camera lighting can be very harsh. The appropriate makeup for this lighting is essential to create your best image. We will teach you what will work best for camera and your individual appearance. Consultants are ready to help you choose the right makeup for your photos. Lori is also available to apply your makeup at the shoot location.