A professional image consultant is a cost-effective service that will make your portrait, video, television appearance, or website look fantastic. A lack of or the wrong makeup and wardrobe choices can negate the positive effects of terrific lighting, expensive models, excellent equipment, and other high production values.

Lori B. Johnson is a certified image consultant trained in photographic image. She can help with everything you need to look your best for the photo session, including advice on wardrobe, fabric, accessories, color, hair, makeup and skincare. Lori can also advise on what to bring to the shoot, such as an emergency kit, props and options. Most important, Lori will assist in making the shoot a positive experience for all.


Lori will help choose clothing and accessories based on skin tone, eye and hair color, facial features, preferences and the outcome or goal of the production. We can set up a meeting to discuss choices before your photo shoot or make final choices at the shoot.


Lori will bring out your best feature and hide minor flaws with skilled makeup techniques. Color choices and application are made with client preferences, facial features, camera lighting and production in mind. We will have all the makeup necessary at the shoot. You will not need to provide your own makeup, but you may want to bring it along to discuss your color preferences.

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