A Positive Image Opens All Doors

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I met Lori several years ago, when Gretje Ferguson suggested that I work with her for my business photo…..and have used her ever since. She has the amazing ability to make me feel and look my best!!! When my graphic designer/web creator needed shot a series of videos to promote my new decorating book, Lori did the makeup and wardrobe for me as well as for the clients who were participating. Her personal warmth and genuine sense of caring immediately put all of us at ease. Her never-failing ability to use just the right shades of color, perfectly applied in just the right places made us feel good about our appearance. You can see her talent with different types of people in the video we shot, by going to my book’s website and viewing the introduction video.


Gail Van Kleeck



We love to collaborate

Lori and I have collaborated on photo shoots for over a decade. I always recommend that my clients use Lori, as she is trained in applying makeup for the camera. What a difference the makeup makes, both for men and women! And her styling services help people look their best throughout the shoot.

Our clients are often nervous before a shoot, and Lori’s friendly, positive personality helps them to kick back and enjoy themselves. When our clients are relaxed, the photographs can better show their true personality. Lori attends to the details, leaving me free to photograph without distraction. She is an invaluable colleague!

Gretje Ferguson, Photographer