Your wardrobe choices are a big part of how you are perceived in your professional and personal life. Our goal is to work with you to create a great first impression and develop your personal appearance. Together we will build a wardrobe that reflects your personality, lifestyle, career and personal goals.

We will help you coordinate your existing wardrobe, discover what is missing, then shop to fill in your wardrobe gaps.  You will be ready to get dressed for any occasion with confidence.

Have a special occasions, speaking engagement, on-camera appearance, photo shoot, or any other important event coming up?  We are here to help you find the right look.

Want to appear taller, shorter, slimmer, bigger, older, younger, or hide something you don’t like about your appearance?  We can teach you how to do that.

Our process

We will begin with a conversation about your personal preferences with an analysis of your body type, wardrobe personality, and best colors. We will discuss your image goals, lifestyle, budget and how much time you like to spend putting your look together each day.  The result will be a personalized guideline for what fabrics, clothing lines and styles, and accessories bring out the best in you.

Next we will assess your current wardrobe to see what you own that works for you now. This is a great opportunity to find hidden treasures in your closet, and to discard clothing that no longer serve you. We determine what is missing from your wardrobe, and make a list. Then it’s time to shop! We follow our list, and target our purchases accordingly. Our personal shoppers will shop with you and guide you to the right choices.

The end result

Everything in your closet will coordinate. You will have less clothing with more options. Adding accessories will be easy. You will know how to quickly put complete outfits together with confidence and project a positive image.